Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnancy Related Back Pain is endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association

Dr. Michael Guadagnino, DC has been treating Expecting Mothers for 20 years.  He is a published author and Doctor of Chiropractic who wrote a case study research paper on pregnancy related back pain and chiropractic treatment to relieve it:  Guadagnino M. Spinal Manipulation of 12 Pregnant Patients Suffering with Low Back Pain.  Chiropractic Technique.1999; 0899-3467/99

To find out how you may be helped with your pregnancy related back pain call Dr. Guadagnino’s office at 201-825-6601.  If you mention you read about Pregnancy and Chiropractic from this website, Dr. Guadagnino will offer you a Free No-Obligation Consultation, including a surface EMG test.

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