What's Involved in the Initial Consultation?
Your first visit will involve a sit down discussion with the doctor to review you health history including your pregnancy history.  Then the doctor will do an examination of your back and neck to help locate and identify the structures that may be causing the pain.  Finally the doctor will perform a surface EMG to your spine.  There are no needles and is completely painless. There will be no x-rays or anything else invasive done.  All together your initial visit should take about 30 minutes.
What if lying down is completely uncomfortable how can I be treated?
Doctor Guadagnino has an array of different treatment tables, chairs and a knee chest table (pictured on the side).  Dr. Guadagnino has treated women in various stages of their pregnancy and adapts treatment as the baby grows.  Treatment is very comfortable.
Can I bring my spouse to the visit?
Your pregnancy is an exciting time and your spouse is more than welcome to be as much a part of your wellness as you wish.  In fact, a spouse can sometime help in offering the doctor more information that may help him identify the direct cause of your pain.
I want my Obstetrician to know everything that is going on during my pregnancy, does Dr. Guadagnino object?
Dr. Guadagnino encourages you to tell your obstetrician everything.  Dr. Guadagnino will send periodic reports about your back pain condition to your obstetrician.
How much experience does Dr. Guadagnino have when treating pregnant patients?
Dr. Guadagnino has been treating expecting mothers for 20 years.  He has published a medical paper on the positive effects of treatment, and is very versed in all aspects of safety for the mother and safety for your unborn child.